Casio G-Shock – Shock The World Japan Present Campaign

By - July 8th, 2009

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With the G Shock’s “Shock The World” tour going around the globe, there is a Present Campaign or gift campaign happening in Japan. The gift system is fairly simple in that customers would need to spend 5,250yen or more to be eligible for original pin badge, spend 10,500yen or more to be eligible for original tote bag and purchase a G Shock and recieve both original pin badge and tote bag. Participating retailers/brands in Japan include XLARGE, X Girl, Urban Research, Silas, Ships Jet Blue, Nano Universe, Lantiki, Journal Standard, Edifice, Freak’s Store, United Arrows Beauty & Youth, American Rag Cie and Adam et Rope. The Present Campaign is only available while stocks last.

> Casio G-Shock – “Shock The World”

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