Nike MVP – Kobe Bryant Most Valuable Puppets 4 Rings (Fingers) T-Shirt – Purple Wrist Band

By - July 8th, 2009


Attention Folks!  It Is Back!  The much sought after t-shirt based on Nike’s Most Valuable Puppets series is in-stock once again at Los Angeles Lakers Official Store.  A slightly different change, instead of a yellow wrist band, the one has a purple one.  The online store is accepting orders now with shipment date scheduled for the 22nd of July.  The store warned they will not be taking phone orders this time.  So you must order online at Thanks to all those who wrote in about this.

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> L.A. Lakers

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> Kobe Bryant

ebay id  - tcmun2
ebay id - tcmun2

these shirts were hott but now they are played out.. how many versions is nike planning on dropping.. stop already.... overkilled


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