DC Skateboarding Team – The Project Granite Asia Tour | Tokyo, Japan

By - July 14th, 2009

DC Skateboarding Team   The Project Granite Asia Tour | Tokyo, Japan

Team member Colin McKay, PJ Ladd, Ryan Smith, Jani Laitiala, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, Greg Myers, Wes Kremer, and Evan Smith swept cross Asia last week for DC Shoes first ever tour in Asia – Project Granite Asia Tour.  After a mad dash through 3 cities in a week, the DC Team arrived at its final destination in Asia, a 3 day stay in Tokyo.  An impromptu demonstration and autograph session took place on the first day, only to have the local police shut the unauthorized gathering down. During the second day, over 500 skate fans, fellow skaters, and VIPs came out to Shinkiba, Chiba just outside of Tokyo, to see the DC Skateboarding Team in action.  Not to skimp out, DC created a skatepark exclusively for the event.  On the final day, members joined photographer Mike Blabac for Japanese debut of his first book, BLABAC PHOTO The Art of Skateboarding Photography, and his very own signature sneaker, the DC Blabac Azure Mid.

Though it ended as quickly as it started, the DC Skateboarding Team’s whirlwind tour around the globe continues this week with stops in Barcelona and Dublin.

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DC Skateboarding Team   The Project Granite Asia Tour | Tokyo, Japan













Yasmin Peña`
Yasmin Peña`

hi!!! well here it is straight to the point i was wondering if you have any ammature oppertunnities for your team ? I know you guys probly hear this all the time but honestly my friend calvin is really good. We live in this really crummy suburb in IL called Villa Park. ( we like to call it vpsk = ) ) a town few people know sadly . All that we can to here is skateboard all day and all night. There is bad influences around us constatly( like every where else but worse here since its a small crummy town lol ). I really want my friend to go somewhere in life cause he can he can def be pro if he wanted to !! I dont want to waste your time but if you are interested i really hope to hear from you and i pray you give this kid a chance thank you for your time!!! _ sincerly Yasmin Peña