STAGES – Nike x LIVESTRONG – A Global Art Exhibition

By - July 17th, 2009

STAGES   Nike x LIVESTRONG   A Global Art Exhibition

It is taking place at this very moment, across time zones and geographic boundaries, through face-to-face conversation or an impromptu telephone call.  But the subject is all along the same line, an announcement of dread, of fear, of consequences yet unknown. A conversation where 3 simple words carried life altering meaning for 12 million people yet to be diagnosed this year alone “You Have Cancer”

The reaction is one of disbelief, of shocked into silence or uncontrollable sob of fear, of anguish and frustration. You mind darted back between past exploits and future ponderings, filled with regrets of errors made and plans have yet to accomplish. In that instant, you become an empty vessel, void of hope and spirit.

In that instant, you become the loneliest person you know. 

Cancer, in its myriad forms and types, is a sinister disease.  It ravages you physically and depletes you psychologically. Not only is the disease draining, the battle to eradicate it is also a long drawn out one. It alters the definition of your role in your family, in your circle of friends and in your community. For 28 million people worldwide and their love ones, it is a stark reality of day to day.

» LIVESTRONG – Lance Armstrong Foundation
A Global Art Exhibition
Opening photos (Paris)
Jessica Ikenberry and Shepard Fairey
What is “STAGES”?

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