Randolph Engineering – Aviator Sunglasses

By - July 22nd, 2009

Randolph Engineering   Aviator SunglassesAs avia:tors became fashion staples and started reappearing on nose bridges everywhere with sun, it is easy to forget where these sunglasses originated from. To get a true avia:tor that serves its original purpose–for the military who needs to wear sunglasses under helmets. The avia:tors from Randolph Engineering are manufactured for the U.S Military, adhering to the strictest standards of production and specifications. The unqiue bayonet temples on Randolph Engineering avia:tors allows the sunglasses to fit comfortably under helmets and headgears; also, the soldier joints on these glasses come with lifetime warranty. If you are still unsure about how different these glasses are from the Ray-Bans you are about to purchase, just keep this little tid bit in mind- these avia:tors were there to protect the NASA astronauts’ eyes during lift off. If it’s strong enough for NASA, it should be able to protect your eyes from all rays here on Earth.

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