Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS – M1GO Soft Vinyl Figurine

By - July 22nd, 2009


During the 60’s soft vinyl toys took the toy industry by storm with its vivid colors and interesting textures. However later down the track molded metal toys became more popular and soft vinyl toys became extinct. After 30 years since its introduction to the mass market, M1GO became one of the key companies in the 90’s bringing back the soft vinyl toys of the by gone era. Strictly made in Japan with attention to detail paying homage to the original toys, M1GO have produced figures that gained respect in Japan and around the world.

Fast forward to now, M1GO have worked closely with Beams for collaborative figures for the Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS. All of these figures are pre existing designs but colors are painted especially for this exhibition and glow in the dark treatments have also been applied to some figures. The figures are all available online at Beams online shop.

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