WHIZ Limited x Secret Base – Armth Limited T-Shirt

By - July 22nd, 2009

WHIZ Limited x Secret Base   Armth Limited T Shirt

With the online shop Armth taking steps to become the official dealer for Secret Base, they have decided to celebrate the occasion with the WHIZ Limited x Secret Base limited t shirts. As Secret Base’s founder/designer Hiddy is close friends with WHIZ’s founder/designer Hiroaki Shitano, so it is only natural that they would work together for this limited t shirt design. On the front of the tee features the Whiz logo and the Japanese kanji character which symbolizes “Bee” representing Secret Base.

The rear graphic is an outline of the Tokyo prefacture with few significant cities marked on it along with the Tokyo tower on the left in red. All the rear graphics are intricately embroidered in various colors making it the high light of the t shirt. This tee is limited to sales through the Armth online store only.

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WHIZ Limited x Secret Base   Armth Limited T Shirt