Nike X Loopwheeler- Full Zip Hoodie

By - July 23rd, 2009

nike loopwheeler fullzip hoodie 1 Nike X Loopwheeler  Full Zip Hoodie

Japan’s Loopwheeler had collaborated with Nike this season to release a Heather gray Full Zip Hoodie this coming Friday, Jul 24. This fitted hoodie is made from LW materials and is kept simple with only a small Loopwheeler logo tag sewn on sleeves with “Loopwheeler” written in Katakana in orange on black. The only other logo is the Nike logo with Swoosh in gray. This hoodie will be great from Spring through Autumn, and will just be right for the chillier post Summer days with a t-shirt layered underneath.

> Nike

> Loopwheeler

nike loopwheeler fullzip hoodie 3 Nike X Loopwheeler  Full Zip Hoodie

nike loopwheeler fullzip hoodie 2 Nike X Loopwheeler  Full Zip Hoodie


anyone know if the fleece is brushed or not?? and where i can get one in Aust?? this and livestrong hoody look sweet, am pysched to try and get my hands on one..