DISCOVERED – Patch Work’s Shirt

By - July 27th, 2009

DISCOVERED   Patch Works Shirt

Ironically and surprisingly, no one does American workwear like the Japanese– keep in mind the likes of  Daiki Suzuki from Woolrich Woolen Mills. Perhaps it is the cultural discrepancy that allows one to push the envelop of something traditionally blue collar and rural. Whatever the reason is, we uncovered a great new take on plaid from Japan’s DISCOVERED. The label reworks three kinds of plaid in a patchwork onto a button down shirt. The result is good, standout different yet not flamboyant, which is easily the disastrous bastard child of playing around with patchwork fire. Plaid is the new plaid with this shirt, and it’s time to update that wardrobe staple with this one available at ROWGAGE.



DISCOVERED   Patch Works Shirt