An Interview with Kikuo Ibe – The Founding Father Of Casio G-Shock

By - July 29th, 2009

An Interview with Kikuo Ibe   The Founding Father Of Casio G Shock

It started out as a typical story of lost and found, a tale of need and creation. However, since the legend began back in 1983, the story had panned out into something much greater than that. The story of G-Shock had become a global phenomenon, a new perception on time piece, and most importantly, an almost indestructible watch that will save many from the heartbreaks of losses—at least of watches.

Kikuo Ibe, the founding father of G-Shock and Casio’s Research and Development Chief Engineer behind this 25 years old operation to make tough watches that can survive a 10M fall, came up with the million-dollar idea when he dropped and broke his cherished watch. So in 1981, Ibe put together Project Team Tough and started researching and designing the perpetual timepiece. After numerous fruitless trips running to and fro the bathroom, chugging prototypes out of windows for a 10M fall tests because Ibe couldn’t use Casio’s testing labs for an unofficial project, Ibe found the answer in a rubber ball. 

A simple rubber ball became the inspiration for G-Shock’s shock-absorbing material, and Project Team Tough developed a triple-ten requirement that is the basis for G-Shock’s first prototype—ability to withstand a ten-meter drop, water resistance of up to ten bars, and ten years of battery life. This was also when G-Shock was coined, with “G” standing for gravity.

It has been a long 25 years since Ibe and his team first created DW-5000, the first model of G-Shock, and the watch is still standing tough. Today, Ibe is no longer throwing watches out of bathrooms, but he is a part of a new tour and movement in this year’s G-Shock “Shock The World Tour 2009”. So far, the concoction of sports, music, art and fashion into a world tour of events and parties celebrating urban culture, youth lifestyle and most importantly—G-Shock, had hit three countries. With nine more countries to go, the tour not

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