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By - August 4th, 2009

pop tut brooch

Verbal is an icon on the Japanese street scene with his involvement with his own group M Flo as well as being a member of Nigo’s group Teriyaki Boyz. He has also been running his jewellry and accessories brand Ambush for some time now and have been releasing unique items that reflect his on stage personality.

The current Japanese street scene have influenced many of the unique designs and ideas and these are translated in the new Pop Tut series of pendant/brooch and Eye Am Not Alone double finger ring. Both pieces are not just crafted well but have been purposefully designed with functionality in mind. The Pop Tut can be changed from a pendant to a brooch in an instant creating variety of uses. On the other hand, the Eye Am Not Alone ring is a new construction improvement to the common double ring which uses two holes for fingers. This item uses a bar that locks into the fingers but also makes removal easy and is flexible to fit different finger sizes.

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pop tut back

pop tut bag

pop tut red

pop tut blue

pop tut black

pop tut yellow

pop tut detail

eye am not alone ring

eye am not alone detail

eye am not alone back

eye am not alone back detail

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eye am not alone bag