By - August 5th, 2009

mdac 1659 3 thumb 500x500 MACKDADDY   Mack Sk8

Here is a look into the up coming drop from Japanese brand MACKDADDY, who has been going strong for about a decade in Tokyo. The obvious influence can be spotted from the design and it’s name but the Mack Sk8 offers new bright colorway to the simple classic skate shoes we know and love. MACKDADDY is a brand know for their crazy colors and designs and the combination of patent leather and suede captures their personality. Even the quirky MACKDADDY logo on the outsole is designed so that every time the shoes is worn, their logo get imprinted on the ground as footprints. There are three colors available in blue, pink and yellow and will be available for purchase very soon.


mdac 1659 4 thumb 400x272 MACKDADDY   Mack Sk8

z mdac 1659 1 MACKDADDY   Mack Sk8

z mdac 1659 2 MACKDADDY   Mack Sk8


where can i get this sneaker in south africa ??