Incase – DSLR Camera Bags

By - August 11th, 2009


Anyone who uses DSLR cameras would know that carrying those cameras can be very troublesome and also there are plenty of camera bags in the market at present but they tend to look very mundane and unappealing. Luckily Incase must have realised this and they have created two models of bags for DSLR camera users in their stylish and clean design. The Carry Case is the smaller of the two with enough room to put in one DSLR camera separating the body and lens into the padded storage space. Sling Pack is the other bigger model with much more room for extra lenses and bodies into yet again padded compartments. Both of these bags are made with black weather resistant nylon featuring various zipped compartments for cords or memory cards.

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This is driving me nuts, everywhere i=this bag is reviewed by someone they're looking at the one picture that is on that particular website and for some reason incase gave out the pic of the camera stored with no lens on it. Go to the incase website! It is very obvious that there are many other ways to configure the pack and yes your lens can stay on and you can still fit 2 other lenses and probably a flash as well. Do some research before you say it's crap.

Kevin Falk
Kevin Falk

I am leery about buying because of the way they are showing the camera in there too. What's the purpose of a sling bag if your camera isn't ready when you take it out of the bag? I just got a 5DmkII, I gotta make sure this baby is perfectly taken care of!


I'm pretty sure the padding inside is configurable to however you want to store your camera...or so says on the Incase website. But you're right, a faulty move on Incase to showcase the bag's use in the most un-useful fashion. Now, if they could just figure a way to fit both a DSLR and a Macbook in the same bag...


I saw these. They look cool, but I think that it would be pretty fuggin' annoying to have to take the lens off, every time I put my camera back into the case. Not to mention, that it opens up the sensor for exposure to dust and corruption every time. Plus who brings around the cap for their camera body with them? Itis too bad that they don't make one that fits the camer with a lens attached.