Jil Sander X UNIQLO – Fall 2009 – J+ Collection For Women

By - August 12th, 2009

Jil Sander X UNIQLO   Fall 2009   J+ Collection For WomenWhile we had previously previewed the Jil Sander X UNIQLO collaborative J+ line for men to satisfy enthusiastic anticipation, we are sure the ladies are left wondering, “What’s for us?”. Fret not, here are some first looks at the collection you practical minimalists have all been waiting for.

The J+ collection for women retains all the celebrated simplicity Sander was coveted for- button downs with crisp collars, tailored pants and well-cut jackets and coats can be part of every woman’s wardrobe regardless of age and style. The more impressive pieces from this collection are the outerwear, with some military and tuxedo inspired double breasted coats, and pragmatic but feminine brown wool jackets. The brown wool jackets feature a tucked in waist and rounded shoulder lines to flaunt some curves with pocket flaps and collar straps for a vintage meets modern look. It’s all very Angelina Jolie in The Changeling circa 1928.

Don’t worry, men are not having all the fun on the Jil Sander one as the women’s collection is looking solid and promising as well! via: Vogue


Jil Sander X UNIQLO   Fall 2009   J+ Collection For Women