colette X Timberland – 6-Inch Boots | Release Date

By - August 20th, 2009

colette X Timberland   6 Inch Boots | Release Date

The much talked about and highly desired colette X Timberland collaboration 6-inch boots had been making a splash on the internet. While information seeped out for the curious and sartorially-minded in less-than-gratifying doses, now we finally have the most important information at hand– release date.

Set to release on Sep 9, 2009 (on the same day as Beatles Rock Band, but we digress), the colette blue treated iconic 6-inch boots that are so deliberately and perfectly distressed will only be limited to a run of 40 pairs. Everything you want from colette would be on the sturdy stomping Timbs– embossed colette logo, colette blue laces, padded colette blue ankle, colette tag…

Just remember to mark the date on your calendar and save up EU€ 235 for your pair. Don’t say we didn’t tell you where and when to find them if you got there too late.

213 Rue Saint-Honor © | Map
75001 Paris, France

Release Date: September 9th (Wednesday)

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colette X Timberland   6 Inch Boots | Release Date

Fotes Tefos
Fotes Tefos

I would like to ask where I can find the boots in Germany or in UK or If there is any way to place my order online. Thanks. F. T