Wood Wood – Fall/Winter 2009 – Dip-Dye Chinos

By - August 21st, 2009

Wood Wood   Fall/Winter 2009   Dip Dye Chinos

Who says only denim can get all the fun acid wash, dip dye, distressed and wrangled treatment? Chinos have now come out of the closet of basic with Wood Wood, as they too get dip-dyed for a fun sixties throw-back. The 100% cotton navy chino has a classic chino fit but the legs are bleached to create a fun contrast with the three-inch fade. Roll them up or leave them down, these chinos don’t need anything else to dress them up. A simple white button down will carry you you through fall with an edge to your strut. Now available at Goodhood.

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Wood Wood   Fall/Winter 2009   Dip Dye Chinos