uniform experiment – Painting Carabiners

By - August 22nd, 2009

http://images.freshnessmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/uniform-experiment-painting-carabiner.jpg”>uniform experiment   Painting Carabiners

In matching style for Fall 2009, the Painting Carabiners from http://uniformexperiment.jp/” target=”_blank”>uniform experiment are the perfect accessories to have. Originally an indispensable apparatus for mountaineers and now versatile tool for the everyday. The uniform experiment versions come predisposed with 4 key rings along with ample room for other functions you could think to apply it. In painted colors of green, navy, orange, and yellow. Available for purchase at at http://soph.net” target=”_blank”>SOPHNET. locations, selected retailers across Japan, and http://store.honeyee.com” target=”_blank”>hnyee.Store, the official store of http://honeyee.com” target=”_blank”>honeyee.com.

http://store.honeyee.com” target=”_blank”>> hnyee.Store (honeyee.com)

http://uniformexperiment.jp/” target=”_blank”>> uniform experiment