Mike Shinoda – Glorious Excess (Dies) | Exhibition

By - August 23rd, 2009

Mike Shinoda   Glorious Excess (Dies) | Exhibition

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda started out as an artist even way before the ventures of Linkin Park. Shinoda had been collaborating with DC LIFE in designing footwear that pays tribute to his Japanese heritage, and we had all been there to see his koi scales line the soles. This fall, Shinoda takes his paintings off commercial venues and moves them into the Japanese American National Museum on Aug 30. Titled Glorious Excess (Dies), Shinoda explores society’s obsession with celebrity culture, consumer addiction and fascination with the excess.

The highly psychedelic and surreal exhibit of paintings takes its motifs from our culture’s biggest vices– sex, money, death and pop. Shinoda immortalizes the decadence of society and over consumption while challenging his viewers to find out what is real amidst media and commercial bombardment.

Glorious Excess (Dies) by Mike Shinoda

Japanese American National Museum
111 N Central Ave |
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Opening Date: August 29th (Saturday)

Exhibition Dates: August 30th (Sunday) – October 4th (Sunday)

Paul Kanter
Paul Kanter

Cool work. Reminds me of Japanese ghost stories!


yeah....a lil hirst and a lil murakami?...but...immortalizes?...uhh...