PUMA – Giant Easy Rider III

By - August 25th, 2009

PUMA   Giant Easy Rider III

Back in January of this year, a mysterious package from PUMA arrived at doorsteps of several “key influencers” of the industry, including us here at Freshness.  It was none other than a Giant PUMA Clyde, all US Size 45 of it, as a fun novelty gift for the New Year.  Just this morning, another mysterious package from PUMA arrived.  It yielded another Giant, this time, its the PUMA Easy Rider III.  Announced in 1978 and arrived in the marketplace in 1979, the Easy Rider, along with the PUMA Fast Runner, were among the first major entries into the running footwear category for PUMA.  Its “spring struts” outsole and extended backsole design allows runners to maximize their natural running motions.  When the distance running craze tapered off in the mid-80s, Easy Rider III, like the Clyde, became a favorite among urban trendsetters.  Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, PUMA created a limited number of the Giant Easy Rider III.  Each constructed from the same identical materials of leather and suede as its “normal” counterpart. In addition, a index card on its history and a nifty USB drive were included as well.  As a fun comparison, we paired it side-by-side with a regular size 9 just to see how mammoth this thing really is…


PUMA   Giant Easy Rider III