Kidrobot – Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC | Scavenger Hunt

By - August 31st, 2009

Kidrobot   Dunny Hunt 09 NYC | Scavenger Hunt

You may not be Alice in Wonderland, but going through the nooks and cranny of New York City in search for Kidrobot’s latest “Dunny” — an imaginary bunny figurine friend– shouldn’t be too far off from chasing a rabbit rushing for time. Of course, nothing will be as primitive in this chase where Kidrobot worked with We Are Plus to incorporate the QR code technology into this city-wide scavenger hunt.

Kidrobot promotional displays of the “Dunny” will be hidden throughout the city, and clues will be given through Twitter, Kidrobot Newsletter, at the NYC store and via: online communities. Along with the clues are smartphone applications that will enable one to scan the QR Codes embedded in promotional displays to collect virtual “Dunnies”. Successful hunters to locate and collect the Dunny of the day will be eligible for prizes– including a full set of Dunny Series 2009 Designer Toys for the first person to acquire the QR code.

While the hunt for the Dunny kicked off today, for those who would like to go straight into purchasing these little figurines created by artists such as Kozik, Devilrobots, Huck Gee and Andrew Bell, are welcome to do so starting Sep 10.

Event Date: August 31st (Monday) –    September 4th (Friday)

Release Date: September 10th (Thursday)

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> Kidrobot Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC

Kidrobot   Dunny Hunt 09 NYC | Scavenger Huntkidrobot_qr_code_scavenger_dunny_hunt_2kidrobot_qr_code_scavenger_dunny_hunt_6