Budweiser – Bud Light Tailgate Approved Gear

By - September 1st, 2009

Budweiser   Bud Light Tailgate Approved Gear

Other than the alcoholic content embedded in a cooling malt beverage, let’s face it, we love http://budlight.com”>Bud Light’s sense of humor (the hilarious commercials are almost as staple as beer, hotdogs and pizza for Superbowl). Of course, in the great All-American tradition of tailgating, Bud Light is an indispensable companion.

With the upcoming season in mind, collegiate football kick stars and a new round of tailgating brings us into happily away from summer and into fall. To help the great American public enjoy this happily-kept tradition even more, Bud Light had released a series of tailgate related gadgets and gear ” Bud Light Tailgate Approved Gear”. The brand reworked some of the tailgate staples with some innovative laughs and created functional yet ridiculous products for this project. Turn your grill into a monstrous cooler-grill-storage hybrid dressed in Bud Light packaging? Done. Have your girlfriend’s loved Golden Retriever become the deliverer of condiments? Just make sure the pup is well-trained.

Get tailgate approved with some great gear to go with your beer from http://tailgateapproved.com”>Tailgate Approved.

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