New Balance – NB 999 Feral Creation Collection – Sneakers

By - September 1st, 2009

New Balance   NB 999 Feral Creation Collection   Sneakers

In designing its ever expanding product line, the people at New Balance believe in one principle – Functional Improvement.   It isn’t merely about aesthetic, colorways, or trends.   Instead, the design must satisfied all criteria, including tangible enhancements.   The result was the M990, the first of the 99X Series from New Balance. Introduced to the market in 1982, the model was laden with so many new advancements, it became first sneaker to broke the $100 price range.   Today, the 99X Series, from the forerunner of M990, to the 1996 issued 999 Edition,   serves not only as the flagship model but a testbed for new concepts.

As a continuation within the Asia-Pacific design initiative, also commonly called APAC Project, New Balance will launch the NB 999 Feral Creation Collection. Similar to the APAC initiative before, starting with the NB 574 Hungry Dragon Collection in 2007 and last year’s NB 576 China Mask Collection, this year’s NB 999 project will bring the culture and lifestyle driven design from Asia, in the forms of “wild” animals in a urban setting, to a global audience.

Working in conjunction with 2 premium retailers, Leftfoot (Singapore) and Mita Sneakers (Tokyo), the NB 999 Feral Creation Collection consists of 4 designs in 2 sets – a general release version as well as a limited edition model.   All are to be release at selective retailers on Wednesday, September 9th (or 09/09/09) to coincide with the model number.

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Leftfoot – Singapore
Located in the young city-nation of Singapore, retailer Leftfoot took hints of 2 animals seldom seen in the ultramodern city but once roamed archipelago centuries ago – lion and peacock.

CM999 LNH (Lion Head) Limited Edition
Both the national symbol and the national color, the Leftfoot x New Balance CM999 LNH instills the color of Singapore’s lion head national symbol and applied on its front vamp. Follow by deep grey and “cracked concrete” design, both in reference to the urban setting. A splash of purple is apply in homage to New Balance Japan, who led the project. True to its “Functional Improvement” motto, a combination of suede, leather, wool felt, water-repellent ripstop nylon and 3M Scotchlite all went into its construction.

New Balance   NB 999 Feral Creation Collection   Sneakers



CM999 PCK (Peacock) General Release
A reversal in colors, the Leftfoot x New Balance CM999 PCK carries the color of urban jungle on front in grey perforated leather. Hints of the regal peacock appears as black nubuck overlay and a gradient iridescent green-blue hue on the rear. Finishes with an additional set of matching laces.




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