McLaren – MP4-12C

By - September 9th, 2009

mclarenp11 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

Here is a new look into the McLaren MP4-12C which is totally built in-house at McLaren and it features the latest advances in automotive technology derived from F1 circuit. The much anticipated car is built around a super light weight and rigid carbon fiber tub. To keep the car light weight, the panels have also been constructed out of carbon fiber. The rear mounted V8 3.8 litre twin turbo engine pounds 600 horsepower at 433 lb-ft of torque offering McLaren the highest horsepower to CO2 ratio of any internal combustion engine on the market right now.

Delivering the power to the road is done easily via: a seven speed dual clutch transmission where Pre-Cog lets the driver load up the next gear by half squeezing the paddle and then engaging with almighty speed. McLaren plans to build 1000 units in 2011 and there is a speculation of a roadster model that may join the family.

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mclarenp112 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp113 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp114 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp115 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp116 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp117 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp118 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

mclarenp119 570x316 McLaren   MP4 12C

0 McLaren   MP4 12C

This car is sick and much better looking than that ugly SLR Mclaren. This Mclaren also looks better than the previous Mclaren which was a good looking car. The Mclaren looks like a Ferrari and Lamborghini had child with each other.