Apple – iPod Nano | New Release

By - September 10th, 2009

Apple   iPod Nano | New Release

The latest iPod Nano is a small but very very mighty gadget that shall never be belittled with every pun intended. Just released from<br ></a>”>Apple today, the latest nano not only belts out tunes, it also rocks a built-in video camera to bring your own video to your own playlist. To go along with the video camera is a microphone that captures clean audio for playback on a built-in speaker. Overwhelmed by the new additions yet? Behold–the screen is updated to a larger 2.2″, features FM Radio + Live Pause, Voice Over (so you can check your playlist without looking at the screen), and a Pedometer and Nike + iPod for all sporty types out there. Now retailing for $149 for an 8GB and $179 for 16GB, the nanos still come in a rainbow of colors for everyone to choose and work with. Get yours now at the<br ></a>”>Apple Store.<br ></a>”>> Apple