OUTLIER – Workwear Pants

By - September 17th, 2009

outlier workwear pants 03 570x737 OUTLIER   Workwear Pants

Denim might be a great all-around wear to have.   That is till you have a daily bike cruise on the streets of New York.   When the folks over at OUTLIER realized they were going through several pairs of denim each year, they decided to do away with denim completely and created the Workwear Pants.   Their version of “anti-jean”, each pair starts its life as Doubleweave Canvas, a high tensile fabric which adhere Cordora outer shell with a softer inner layer.   It is flexible, breathable, and water resistant.   A slightly curved waistband and gusseted crotch section prevent it from creeping up during long ride from that mad dash commute back home.   The OUTLIER Workwear Pants is currently available at OUTLIER online store.


outlier workwear pants 01 570x569 OUTLIER   Workwear Pants

outlier workwear pants 02 570x701 OUTLIER   Workwear Pants

outlier workwear pants 04 570x440 OUTLIER   Workwear Pants

outlier workwear pants 05 570x855 OUTLIER   Workwear Pants