Final Home – Plush Toy and Key Chain

By - September 21st, 2009

Final Home   Plush Toy and Key ChainFinal Home entered the industry tapping into a desolate idea of the apocalypse, giving a physical representation of what would work in a nuclear fall out, in case one loses his job, home, or everything for that matter.

While we had previously covered the Final Home Jacket with hidden compartments to hide food or stuff with newspapers/down for insulation, here are some interesting toys from Final Home. These plus keychains and toys may not be useful in a nuclear fall out (unless you purchase a boxful to stuff your Final Home Jacket), they are collectibles for fans of the brand and concept. The plush toys and keychains come in two silhouettes, a teddy bear and a gun, both stuffed with down and comes with the Final Home logos. They are now available online via: Goodhood. > Final Home

Final Home   Plush Toy and Key Chain