Stephen J. Shanabrook – Liquid Lushes And Late Nite House Of Pills

By - September 22nd, 2009

The title should be absolutely self-explanatory on the theme and direction of Stephen J. Shanabrook’s solo exhibition at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in NYC. Shanabrook explores and comments upon the society’s growing reliance on prescription drugs and takes his viewers on a tour of the surreal, exploring boundaries between imaginary and reality; life and death; painful and sweet. Shanabrook has a number of sculptures on display at Liquid Lushes And Late Nite House Of Pills: the artist created bunny sculptures from melted prescription bottles to relate the prevalence of drugs and it’s almost cult-like status as a new religion. The exhibition opened to public on Sep 17 and will run for a month until Oct 17.

Liquid Lushes And Late Nite House Of Pills

Daneyal Mahmood Gallery
511 West 25th Street | Map
New York, NY 10001

Event Dates: September 17th (Thursday) – October 17th (Saturday)

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