Reebok – Spring/Summer 2010 Collection | Preview Party

By - September 24th, 2009

Reebok   Spring/Summer 2010 Collection | Preview Party

In Chelsea’s gallery district, overlooking the Manhattan skyline from the west side, Reebok held its Spring/Summer 2010 Preview Party in Skyline Studio on a beautiful evening. The large space and rooftop was transformed into a showroom and almost gallery-like display of sneakers and Reebok’s upcoming apparel line. Approximately 150 people attended the soir ©e and amongst the attendees were stars such as Devon Aoki.

While models donning Reebok’s latest looks swung from hanging bars and performed an acrobatic dance to Shakira’s She Wolf, the highlight of the night had to be the sneaker display that gave us a good look of what’s to come next.

With a number of collaborations under their belt such as Rolland Berry, John Maeda, Basquiat and everyone’s favorite faux airline/cosmetic brand, Uslu Airlines, the sneakers on preview almost appear like curated works of art.

The Uslu Airlines and Basquiat collection are due to release as a part of Reebok’s Affili’Art collection, a directive to fuse fashion and art on some classic Reebok styles. The drop dates range from January to March of 2010, with the Uslu Airlines’s Bal Retro Pop Mid that is inspired by discoballs hitting retailers in Jan 2010. Both the Glo and Bal come with matching nail polish from Uslu Airlines so one could either match their nails to shoes or customize their belongings to fit the shoes. Meanwhile, the Basquiat collection is slightly larger with two women’s model and two men’s model along with four matching tees, all featuring Basquiat’s artwork.

Preview the collections and get a feel for the party with our pictures, and get amped for what’s to come from Reebok next year!

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Reebok   Spring/Summer 2010 Collection | Preview Party






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Where canI purchase the USLU AIRLINES X REEBOK Retro Pop Mid?