Montana Colors x Upper Playground – Artist Cans – El Mac/Retna

By - September 24th, 2009

Montana Colors x Upper Playground   Artist Cans   El Mac/RetnaA new release from the collaboration between Upper Playground and Montana Colors, this third release from the series features collaborative artwork by El Mac and Retna. This collaboration between El Mac and Retna is not a new one, as both graffiti artists with distinctly individualized styles had previously worked together on various murals around the globe and even released a 96-page book, Alianza, highlighting their travels and work. While Retna works with bold calligraphic brush strokes, El Mac is more apt in creating lifelike faces and figures.

Both the limited edition artist cans and Alianza book are now available for purchase via: Upper Playground. > Upper Playground

> Montana Colors

> El Mac

> Retna


In the last sentence it mentions both artists styles, and it happens to be backwards. Mac is know for his ultra realistic portraits, while Retna has developed an incredible calligraphic style. The combination works incredibly well together, as you can see by the piece featured on the can.