Acronym x Bagjack – 3A-5TS Tec Sys Messenger Bag

By - September 29th, 2009

Acronym x Bagjack   3A 5TS Tec Sys Messenger Bag

The messenger bags are a good alternative to the conventional backpacks, especially for cyclists and Acronym have produced this 3A-5TS Tec Sys Messenger Bag with a Berlin bag specialists Bagjack who have been producing high quality messenger bags for many years. The German made collaboration results in a one of a kind bag that is functional and stylish. Characterized by three fastening straps on the Limonta Outer Shell cover flap that will also extend to allow for large items to be carried securely. Contrasting the exterior is the Cordura interior reinforcements that is covered by all white removable compartments and pockets. There is a Mil-spec 3 point QLQR unit that ensures that the bag is securely and comfortably strapped to the wearer preventing unwanted movement. Via: Haven

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Acronym x Bagjack   3A 5TS Tec Sys Messenger Bag