Public School – Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Lookbook

By - October 1st, 2009

Public School   Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Lookbook

As a relatively young brand, Public School brings a lot of energy and life into the scene with a mission to rebel. Rebel against mass culture and achieve a cosmic balance between the mass and underground, Public School continuously strives to innovate and be a fresh force on the scene. Interestingly, the label also base the design of each season on an imaginative muse, Eddie Red. Red is a young hustler prowling the streets of New York City in the seventies, and Public School envisions each season based on Red’s insights, a la “what would Eddie Red do?”.

For Spring/Summer 2010, the label’s inspiration comes from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the collection is a reflection of the hostile streets of New York City, and a need for toughness and anonymity to survive. While the concept and vision is based on something inherited from the past, Public School puts a new perspective on the collection and works in new silhouettes and fabrics. Leather is tough but also cut to embody a softer, drapey quality; knits are topped with leather details for the same effect and bottoms are kept light and slim. Check out the great work Public School is doing Spring/Summer 2010, and if you haven’t already, do pay their site a visit to check out the current and previous collections.

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Public School   Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Lookbook





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