Devilock x Garni – Palmboy + Skull Necklace

By - October 22nd, 2009

Devilock x Garni   Palmboy + Skull Necklace

Japanese apparel brand Devilock is celebrating its 13th year anniversary this year and this is their latest item to commemorate the occasion. They have teamed up with jewellery brand Garni, who have been good friends since the beginning, to produce a silver necklace. The Palmboy is an iconic character designed by Devilock and it is the focus of this necklace piece. Atop the Palmboy is the iconic skull piece from Garni, making the connection of both brands visible. On the back of the Palmboy, no detail is sparred with his hands crossed in a charming way. This is a unisex piece that is roughly 3cm tall including both the skull piece and Palmboy.

> Devilock

> Garni

Devilock x Garni   Palmboy + Skull Necklace