Gallery1950 x Thrasher – Hoodie

By - October 22nd, 2009

Gallery1950 x Thrasher   Hoodie

Skateboard magazine Thrasher seem to be popular these days with collaboration projects with Japanese brands who respects Thrasher’s concept and history. As one of the longest running skateboard magazines, it has the attitude of no frills skateboarding in a raw form. To reflect that Gallery1950‘s in house brand Gallery1950 have taken the iconic Thrasher logo and placed it in a non dramatic yet direct way on the front of the hoodie with a buttoned neck section. On the back features the signature stripe pattern of Gallery1950 in multi color and their logo underneith. Currently available in black or gray body.

> Gallery1950

> Thrasher

Gallery1950 x Thrasher   Hoodie