Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Alex

By - October 22nd, 2009


Nike Sportswear’s 21 Mercer offers sneakerheads an opportunity to work with NIKEiD consultants in an intimate setting to create a pair of one of one Air Force 1 Bespoke’s. The latest pair to come out of 21 Mercer’s backroom is this pair of AF1 Bespoke’s customized by Alex, who used various exotic leathers and a baseball stitching to give the shoe a “tethered look”. The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke is available by appointment only. via: 21 Mercer

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can somebody please tell me where can i purchase these shoes. i dont care about the cost.

Alex Au
Alex Au

I'm the guy who paid to get these made. Maybe it'd be better if I explained my choices in the Bespoke: the gold lace locks say (right foot) 2009 (left foot) BC. I'm not sure about the fat joe comment, but I can promise you the idea for these is completely of my own device. The entire point of creating the 2009BCs is that I wanted to follow a prehistoric theme, keeping it right there with cavemen and dinosaurs. Thus, the croc leather represents the reptiles, and the canvas on the back and the tongue, represents the closest material I could conjure up thinking of neanderthal clothing. Which brings me to the baseball stitching. It reminds me of the sewing construction of materials (or tools) with the cross-hatching pattern, sort of like an archaic method. What the pictures don't show you besides the gold foil check, is the silver foil check on the inside of the shoe, that would bring us to how the two precious metals could've been a sought after item way back when. The Nike embroideries were chosen to be red because it symbolizes to me, the times being so rudimentary and bloodshed (ie. carnivores > herbivores, caveman for territory) happening all the time. Hopefully it clears up some questions, everything I put down has a purpose, AND I just wanted the chance to clear whatever up with whoever was looking at this!