GUCCI Icon-Temporary Store Preview

By - October 23rd, 2009

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Yesterday we posted a few snaps of the storefront of the GUCCI Icon-Temporary store on Crosby Street in Manhattan, thanks to WWD we now have the first look inside the store which is slated to open to the public Saturday, October 24th for two weeks. If you are lucky enough to score an invite to the kick-off party it’s happening tonight, perhaps you’d want to swing by to check out the red carpet.

As previously reported, the GUCCI Icon-Temporary store is a flash sneaker store that will travel the world starting this month and a new limited edition GUCCI Ronson sneaker will be introduced at each international destination of the tour, in addition to an exclusive edition of 18 sneaker styles in the Gucci Icon-Temporary sneaker collection. For the GUCCI Ronson collection, there will be 50 pairs available for sale in the stores, and 100 online, per city.

GUCCI Icon Temporary – Sneakers Pop-Up Shop
(Formerly Schaeffer Carol Promotion Designs)
43 Crosby Street | Map
New York, NY 10012

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Dr. Sole
Dr. Sole

Just copped some of these kicks. These are going straight into the vault!

snkr feen
snkr feen

Just left the Gucci Temp store in Soho. The sneakers are SICK!!! Def a must have!!!!