Gabriest Urist x Wu-Tang Clan – Silver Studs and Necklaces

By - October 26th, 2009


One of the best custom jewellers in the scene is Gabriel Urist, who have produced various collaborative and original pieces for big brands and individuals in his intricately detailed designs. It has been known that Urist and Wu-Tang Clan have a good relationship as they have produced jewellery previously and once again they have teamed up to produce these silver pieces. Simple and to the point, the Wu-Tang Clan collaborations comes in studs and necklaces crafted of the Wu-Tang Clan logo.

> Gabriel Urist

> Wu-Tang Clan




Dean Kyle
Dean Kyle

These guys are big enough to sell some real nice memorabilia pieces or just some jewelery made out of silver. If only they had an ICED Out "W" Necklace, like a collectors edition, that would be tight. I wouldnt mind payin 40 or 50 bucks for something like that.