Sony Ericsson X Dolce and Gabbana – Limited Edition Jalou | Video

By - October 26th, 2009

Luxury phones deserve equally glitzy marketing, so the limited edition Jalou with a luxe 24k gold plating by Sony Ericsson and Dolce And Gabbana comes with an excellent commercial to back it up. Starring clandestine ladies clad in Dolce and Gabbana wear, coveting the Jalou like it was blood diamonds, the Jalou inevitably land the sinewy ladies in trouble with the law. Opulence and overindulgence are keys traits of the luxury design powerhouse, and this commercial definitely elevates the Jalou to the same standards of an illicit love affair with extravagance and luxury.

> Dolce and Gabbana

> Sony Ericsson

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