Sixpack – T-Shirts

By - November 9th, 2009

pilar by jonathan zawada Sixpack   T Shirts

One of the most progressive design/creative teams in France is Sixpack and they have been pushing design and arts in France and world wide for some time. It is known that Sixpack team up with artists and designers they respect to produce designs for the apparel line and they have released their new range of t-shirts great diversity of works from various creative minds. For this new drop, they have worked with Hajime Sorayama from Japan, ill studio from France, Robert Crumb and Todd James from US and Jonathan Zawada from Australia. Each piece captures the essence of the artists and designers on a simple t-shirt silhouette.

robot by hajime sorayama Sixpack   T Shirts

heavy axe by ill stuido Sixpack   T Shirts

good stuff by robert crumb Sixpack   T Shirts

general by todd james Sixpack   T Shirts

uchronie by ill studio Sixpack   T Shirts

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