BODEGA x Reebok – PUMP 20th Anniversary Edition “Outback”

By - November 15th, 2009

bodega reebok 1 570x380

Continuing with the celebration of Reebok Pump’s 20th birthday, next up in the Pump20 celebration is a collaboration with Boston retailer, Bodega. The Bodega Pump20 “Outback” which is has a military, outback inspired tonal olive upper will release on Nov 21. The kicks also come with a mesh tongue and dogtag, and will be housed in a military specs ammo box. Alongside the kicks, there will also be a limited edition tee, but both come in limited runs of 31. Bodega also individually numbered the kicks and will be selling them by lottery only. Tickets can be during regular business hours at the store as of now, and out of state participants can send a self-addressed envelope with copy of state identification to the store. Winners will be announced by email or phone on Nov 21 and will need to make their purchases within 24 hours. Hurry up for your ticket, good luck, and god bless!bodega reebok 8 570x479

bodega reebok 7 570x380

bodega reebok 6 570x604

bodega reebok 5 570x380

bodega reebok 4 570x428

bodega reebok 3 570x399

bodega reebok 2 570x393