Columbia x MEDICOM TOY x STASH x Kinetics – Backpacks, Messenger Bag and Manifold

By - November 16th, 2009

stash back sky01 570x570

As with the Camacho Hoodie Jacket, these series of backpacks, messenger bags and Manifold takes the same MEDICOM TOY FABRICK designed by graffiti legend STASH. Blue is the signature color for STASH and once again the series of accessories come in blue tones or black tones on the outer fabrics. The FABRICK backpack takes the traditional silhouette with large zipped main compartment and small compartment on the front. One good thing to note is that the backpack is made so that it can fit a sneaker box comfortably which could make many sneakerheads happy.

Messenger bag is made by Columbia in one black colorway with a large zipped compartment on the cover flap. On top of the zip is a strip of reflective material for added safety. It is constructed by PVC tarpaulin which is great for durability and water proofed. A small Manifold bag is also produced which can be used in conjunction to the messenger bag or on its own with a clip to the belt loop. It is big enough to fit mobile phones or digital devices . All items are currently available at Kinetics in Tokyo or their online store.

stash back sky02 570x848

stash back sky03 570x962

stash back black01 570x570

stash back black02 570x848

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Does any one know where i can get this backpack? I tried going to kinetics and it in all japanese so that's a no go, an english site would be much appreciated.