Eric Haze: “New Abstracts And Icons” Exhibition – Level 2 Gallery | Event Recap

By - November 20th, 2009

Eric Haze: New Abstracts And Icons Exhibition   Level 2 Gallery | Event Recap

Over 500 people lined up in front of newly established Level 2 Gallery for Eric Haze‘s “New Abstracts And Icons” Exhibition last evening in New York City. Family, friends, and fans mingled among some 30 new works by the legendary artist.   The guests were also join by other luminaries such as Dave Oritz, Jose Parla, KAWS, Jeff Staple, Allen AKA, Eric Elms, and more…   The exhibition marks a cross-road of sort for the iconic Haze, who for the last 30 years have innovated a form of unique methodology, or “personal vocabulary”, by the merging of graphic design and art.   As the artist stated in the opening remark, that the works on display represent “…a fundamental shift in my approach to art…”.   The unique outcome is that of new visual artifacts in the forms of graphics, icons, and silhouettes.

The Eric Haze’s “New Abstracts And Icons” Exhibition will be on going from now till December 10th at Level 2 Gallery, a 2500 square feet space near the famous Strand Book Store south of Union Square. From here, there are plans for the exhibition to travel to Asia next year.

Level 2 Gallery
812 Broadway | Map
(11th Street)
New York, NY 10003

Exhibition Date: November 19th (Thursday) – December 10th (Thursday)

Eric Haze: New Abstracts And Icons Exhibition   Level 2 Gallery | Event Recap

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