Star Wars x PORTER – Tote Bags

By - November 27th, 2009

Star Wars x PORTER   Tote Bags

PORTER is one of Japanese bag companies that is known for their quality and functional designs. In an unlikely combination PORTER and Star Wars have teamed up together to produce these limited edition tote bags that will be sold exclusively at PORTER online store on ZOZO shopping network around mid January.

There are two versions created in white or black with custom designed patterns printed on the outside. The white version is represented by a camouflage pattern that is hard to decipher at first glance, however upon close inspection it reveals the face of storm troopers randomly placed all over the bag. On the other hand the black version is more straight forward with red and blue light sabers making a cross pattern over the bag. Both bags are detailed with two small pockets on the front for extra storage space.

Star Wars x PORTER   Tote Bags