SUPER – Spring/Summer 2010 – “People” Sunglasses

By - November 30th, 2009

SUPER   Spring/Summer 2010   People Sunglasses

SUPER garnered a lot of attention this year as a direct result of a number of celebrities being seen in a fresh pair of SUPER sunglasses, most notably Kanye West who at one point during the year couldn’t be seen without his SUPER’s on. Now that the brand has developed a name for itself globally, it’s continuing to build upon it’s recent success by introducing new models into it’s collection of eyewear including this Spring/Summer 2010 model, “People”. The “People” style continues with SUPER’s retro style silhouette but is previewed here in five different colorways each of which using Carl Zeiss lenses. via: FRESHNGOOD

SUPER   Spring/Summer 2010   People Sunglasses