By - December 3rd, 2009

deth killers 1 570x427 DETH KILLERS 2000

The wonderful thing about DETH KILLERS 2000 their ability to evoke both sympathy and empathy out of someone. When a passerby encounters a kid who so pleads, “Please buy a T-shirt to help stimulate the economy and save New York City”, it’s really hard to turn the other way and walk away with all gathered nonchalance. Except, with DETH KILLERS 2000, it’s that, plus a really really awesomely designed tee that you would have to be heartless enough to peel away from. At least from the innate geeky side of yours, anyway.

So DETH KILLERS 2000 is good at recreating possible apocalypses on graphics and then transferring them to tees, but it’s not just that. They actually manage to incorporate everything close to home, and then take a heart-felt strike. Think Coney Island suffering from ridiculous galactic bombings, Yankee Stadium with alien weapons but no Yankees (not even the worst of them!). Seriously, looking at those images staring at you in the face, would you have the heart to say no? Check out these very compelling graphical arguments, and like the folks of DETH KILLERS 2000 argue, “Please buy a t-shirt and help our economy”. Now, who would have the heart to refuse? Images via: oki-ni

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