Star Wars x adidas Originals – Spring/Summer 2010 – Footwear Collection

By - December 8th, 2009

adidas yoda boat 2 570x379

George Lucas has been a merchandising genius for quite some time. In his latest, extremely extensive collaborative effort between galactic juggernaut Star Wars and terrestrial brand adidas, we see 13 versions that should make for some exciting convention banter among the Star Wars enthusiasts. Lucasfilm Ltd. and adidas Originals have teamed up to release models that will start releasing in January 2010 in both general and extremely limited releases. Some standout models include the Micropacer model complete with shots from the film (including a light saber battle), a shiny silver upper, and a red white and blue midsole–all representing the more extreme side of the collection. More muted models include the black and red Darth Vadar Shelltoe model with simple accents, a black on black Super Death Star Shelltoe, the orange Skywalker model, and the impressively-styled Stormtrooper with puffy stripes. Besides this heap of releases shown here, adidas is also releasing Star Wars-themed apparel. Expect much more specific information soon, but for now, even the casual Force fan will get a kick out of this joint venture.

adidas x wing 2 570x379

adidas x wing 1 570x379

adidas the fighter 2 570x379

adidas the fighter 1 570x379

adidas super death star star wars 1 570x379

adidas super death star 2 570x379

adidas star wars stormtrooper 3 570x379

adidas star wars stormtrooper 2 570x379

adidas star wars micropacer 4 570x379

adidas star wars micropacer 3 570x379

adidas star wars micropacer 1 570x379

adidas skywalker 3 570x379

adidas skywalker 2 570x379

adidas skywalker 1 570x379

adidas princess leia 2 570x379

adidas princess leia 1 570x379

adidas millenium falcon 2 570x379

adidas millenium falcon 1 570x379

adidas forum at at 2 570x379








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