By - December 10th, 2009


For winter, CHANEL puts the luxury touch on snow sports but adding the CHANEL aesthetics onto skis, goggles and more. Of course, since we are talking about snow sports, snowboard would be one of the quintessential parts of winter adrenaline excitement. Check the CHANEL Snowboards that differ themselves from regular pop-art graphics with classic CHANEL touches. Think the ever sophisticated black and white, the all natural wooden planks and monochrome stripes all emblazoned with the CHANEL logo. Stay a class above the rest in terms of skills and looks this season with CHANEL and get your very own CHANEL board to shred through the powder. CHANEL   CHANEL Snowboard



Show up at any mountain with this stuff and I guarantee every skier and rider with an ounce of ability will be laughing at you behind your back, in my case probably right to your face. Don't assume that because this is Chanel it's good quality. It's very easy to pass off sub par product under the guise of designer because the people who are likely to buy this crap are most likely beginners or complete noobs therefore they can't distinguish good from bad. If you're looking for style cache try researching smaller cottage industry brands with big reputations such as Capita, Never Summer, Monument, Yes, Omatic etc. It's easy to grab a Burton, Ride, K2, Rossignol etc but, while they are good boards, pretty much everyone and their mother has one.

LoB don't's Chanel...and if your a chick who likes to shred as much as she likes Chanel...well, at the very least, this would look great mounted on the wall !!!