uniform experiment – Varsity Jacket

By - December 10th, 2009

uniform experiment   Varsity Jacket

Being a brand that is a combination of fragment design and Soph. is probably a good reason why Uniform Experiment items are so well designed and thought out. Even a simple varsity jacket can be made with attention of detail that both of the above brands are known for.

Two color versions are available in all black with green detailing and bordeaux/beige which features the same detailing. Double striped ribbing is authentic and on the inside features satin quilted lining. Exterior body is made with 90% wool and 10% nylon while the sleeves are made with premium smooth leather with tonal logos on each sleeve. Finished off with custom snap buttons on the front and two front pockets with leather trimming. via: The Glade

uniform experiment   Varsity Jacket