Stussy x New Era – Houndstooth Dog Ear Cap

By - December 14th, 2009

Stussy x New Era   Houndstooth Dog Ear Cap

Though it can’t be certain if the anticipated re-make of Sherlock Holmes (by Guy Ritchie) was discussed during its design process. The new Stussy Houndstoon Dog Ear Ballcap by New Era does resembles somewhat of the deer stalker hat worn by the fictional detective. Comprised from the traditional houndstooth pattern fabric in wool, the ear flaps could be held up or let down with wooly lining on the inside to keep the frigid winter winds. Fitted with a genuine leather brim, embroidered with Stussy label and the Double-S logo on the front in white, the Stussy Houndstoon Dog Ear Ballcap comes in black/dark grey and brown/light brown colorways. Currently available at Stussy Japan chapters and its online store in ZOZO shopping network.

Stussy x New Era   Houndstooth Dog Ear Cap







hans rietberg
hans rietberg

on foto great but is it toe bay in the niderlands pleas gife my a addres dogeatcap looks great