BAPE x AMBUSH – A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed | Release Information

By - December 28th, 2009

BAPE x AMBUSH   A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed | Release Information

Since the teaser images of BAPE’s collaborative venture with Verbal’s AMBUSH were released onto the web, the collection had been garnering a rather significant amount of attention with its raving mix of colors. The collection, “A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed” is created around the concept of a mad scientist and carries the sense of unpredictable chaos B-movies and vintage sci-fi horror from the fifties possessed. BAPE and AMBUSH mixes up elements from across industry and time, adapting characteristics of music, film and fashion into a capsule line-up of apparel and accessories that redefines lifestyle. While the collection was previously mentioned to be geared for a Spring/Summer 2010 release, the exact release date is now confirmed for this coming Saturday, Jan. 2, at BAPE Stores worldwide so most fans everywhere will be able to access the collection in ease.

Release Date: January 2nd (Saturday)

Angela Stroud
Angela Stroud

Hello i've been trying to find a way to phurchase these new "bapesta creeper" shoes..... Please help if you can. I'm in California and have been on the internet for over a week and dang these are impossible to find.... I'm always trying to find a new fashion and love to b different and these are awsome..... Thank you for your time.... Hope to hear back from you soon .....