Chari & Co. – Cycling T-Shirt

By - January 12th, 2010

Chari & Co.   Cycling T Shirt

New York’s Chari & Co have introduced a new t-shirt design especially designed for cycling that does not sacrifice aesthetics. Cycle wear can be too out there for other occasions other than cycling yet the cycling jersey does have good functionality that works on bikes. To bridge the gap for this niche market is an original t-shirt that incorporate the best of both worlds. Essentially it is a t-shirt that is equipped with back pockets on both sides of the t-shirt. The pockets are a little elastic to provide some flexibility that reduces the chances of contents being crushed while riding. The body is black in color with Chari & Co logo on the left front chest and the back pockets are given highlight with polka dot pattern fabrics.

Chari & Co.   Cycling T Shirt